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About VetGenix

About VetGenix

Producing Innovative Animal Healthcare Products

VetGenix LLC was founded by equine veterinarian Dr. Robert Boswell to pursue the development and production of products aimed at the equine and canine athlete. Dr. Boswell, who has been in practice for 26 years, recognized an unfulfilled need among his clients for a product that would provide effective, immediate pain relief with a scientific basis for formulation. Dr. Boswell's understanding of the pathogenesis of disease and injury and the pharmacology of anti-inflammatories and analgesics led to the creation of MyoGesic CS, a unique pain relieving spray for horses and dogs containing the active ingredient Pramoxine.

VetGenix is committed to bringing innovative veterinary products to the market that have been developed with the needs of the equine athlete and man's best friend in mind.
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